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    The Deadpool franchise continues to have the best marketing of any Fox comic book movie and maybe best of any comic book movie. It helps that Ryan Reynolds seems to be 100% bought into the character and the franchise. Here we get our first good look at Josh Brolin's Cable in action. Brolin is going to have a really successful May, coming off of playing the mad Titan Thanos in Infinity War and then Cable in Deadpool 2. He looks fantastic in both. One thing I'm interested in seeing is how this sequel is received by critics. While the first […]

    The post Deadpool, Meet Cable Trailer…Sort of appeared first on MTR Network.

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    We told you. No seriously, go to the end of our last review for The Flash when we were discussing trailers. We told you that this Venom trailer would be underwhelming at best. Look, let's call this what it is: A desperate attempt by Sony to try to prove they can make Spider-Man related comic book movies 1. Without the MCU and 2. Without Spider-Man. This was always a bad idea and was always doomed to fail. To make it worse, it looks like they're doing an origin story, but with no Spider-Man which is just, even worse. This is […]

    The post Sony’s Venom Teaser Trailer Drops and it’s Underwhelming at Best appeared first on MTR Network.

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    In 2015, CBS announced that it would be bringing Star Trek back to the airwaves.   Having grown up watching all the reruns of the original series with my father and being a Trek fan, I was excited about the possibility of a new series.  I have seen every episode of every one of the shows.  Deep Space Nine was my favorite, followed by seasons 3-7 of The Next Generation and Enterprise.  I found myself a little concerned when the decision was announced to make Discovery available only via CBS' streaming app.   I was deeply hurt by what I saw as the […]

    The post No Fault in These Stars: 5 Reasons You Should Be Watching Star Trek Discovery appeared first on MTR Network.

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    This article may seem early, but it really is not.  Awesome Con indeed took place over Easter weekend. The same weekend that Christ supposedly died and rose. The same weekend of April Fool's Day. The same event where one of the exhibitors was the C.I.A..  No, that does not stand for Cosplayers International Alliance.  The actual Central Intelligence Agency, complete with the official banner, the .gov website container, and the request by the individuals at the table not to photograph their faces.  (We will ignore the fact that the exhibit floor is flooded with cameras for the purposes of not […]

    The post Superman and the C.I.A.-Awesome Con 2018 Recap appeared first on MTR Network.

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    I'm assuming that anyone reading these reviews isn't new to the world of WicDiv so my pseudo-cryptic titles should make perfect sense to you. At its core, WicDiv is a comic about cycles. Cycles that, once set in motion, are doomed to repeat themselves and end tragically. We are coming to the end of a cycle that Persephone and Baal and Cassandra thought they were breaking but instead they appear to be in the same place as their predecessors. So it's fitting that we open with 1923 again.   Maniac Minerva Mini seems to be at the heart of these machinations. Whether you believe Ananke […]

    The post Wicked + Divine #35: Once More We Return appeared first on MTR Network.

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    We’ve been screaming BLACK HISTOREEEEEEEEE! since Beyoncé’s iconic performance/Black Panther Party homage at the 2016 Super Bowl and now here we are in 2018 which so far has been a banner year of Black people showing up and showing out on that ass. With last night’s Coachella performance Beyonce became another highlight of this bait and switch year of Black excellence.   Black Panther was the first to snatch our wigs and throw them back at us. No one (besides racists) was expecting the Marvel movie to fail but we also weren’t expecting Ryan Coogler to take a popcorn superhero […]

    The post 2018: Year of the Beyt & Switch appeared first on MTR Network.

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    By the publishing of this, many who follow our site and listen to our podcasts will already know what happened.  The comic convention known as Universal Fan Con, designed to be more inclusive of underrepresented groups and a 2 year project in the making, never came to fruition. In the ashes of that failure a community of individuals who had arranged to vend at the event gathered with others to pull together a replacement convention to help some vendors, performers, and supporters recoup at least a portion of their weekend.  Dubbed Wicomicon (for it's location on Wicomico street), it took […]

    The post Turning Failure to Triumph-Wicomicon 2018 and Community appeared first on MTR Network.

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    When discussing her involvement with Marvel's Cloak and Dagger there are two things that make Gina Prince-Bythewood light up: the chemistry between the shows young leads and the beauty of the story. The director of Love & Basketball and Beyond the Lights is accustomed to intimate love stories and with Cloak & Dagger she gets to bring that intimacy to the story of two teens discovering themselves, each other and their powers. We got a chance to talk to her about adapting her aesthetic to this genre and creating a superhero show her sons would want to watch.

    The post Director Gina Prince-Bythewood Talks Cloak & Dagger appeared first on MTR Network.

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  • 06/20/18--08:00: Official Creed II Trailer
  • With all the focus on big blockbuster films from Marvel and Pixar and even films like Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, it's easy to forget about some of the other films coming out. I knew Creed II was coming out but completely forgot about it. Seeing this trailer makes me instantly excited. Creed was a surprising hit. It was hard not to believe that this wasn't just Hollywood trying to bleed a franchise dry for all it had. There were already like 50 Rocky films and it felt like a cheap way of continuing to make more. But that wasn't the case […]

    The post Official Creed II Trailer appeared first on MTR Network.

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    The Star Wars franchise has been under a bit of attack in the past month. Some are claiming that Solo proves that people are tired of the Star Wars films and that this is a backlash in response to the SJW-approach that the franchise has taken, despite the fact that Star Wars has always been a story about rebels fighting the status quo. In the midst of all this, the women of Star Wars have been attacked both on and off-screen with actors like Kelly Marie Tran being run off of Instagram. Since I’m a filthy casual when it comes […]

    The post Talking Fandom: The Women of Star Wars and Toxic Masculinity appeared first on MTR Network.

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    The integration of music into the first season of Luke Cage helped distinguish the show from other Marvel Netflix shows. Using Gangstarr song titles as episode names, show-runner Cheo Hodari Coker set the tone of the show before the first episodes even dropped. This wasn't going to be like so many other shows set in New York: White-washed, watered down and absent of the soul of the city (i.e. The Culture). The sophmore season of Luke Cage is no different. This time using Pete Rock and CL Smooth songs as titles, season two expands the musical journey with distinct Caribbean […]

    The post Luke Cage Season 2: Using Music to Capture the Soul of Blackness appeared first on MTR Network.

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    Hey everyone. I'm back with a double review because WicDiv 36 dropped right before I left town but I'm glad to be able to review these back to back because it allowed me to go back into my WicDiv archives and pull out some gems. There are two more issues in this arc and all of these threads are coming together to form quite the tapestry. The Recurrence Kieron Gillen talks about this in his notes but man, this must have been a bitch to draw. After issue 34 showed us the genesis of the recurrence, we see Ananke and […]

    The post Wicked + Divine #36-37: Never Again … And Again appeared first on MTR Network.

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